Sunday, 10 February 2019

                        The New age Man - shares the load

So happy to see the @ariel.india advertisement with the message to #sharetheload in the house. A need of the hour - in today's age. In most houses and in most minds, the domestic chores are seen as a more woman thing to do.We girls are taught to have a career and also manage household tasks but men are not taught to contribute to the household chores.  

Luckily I have a partner who shares the load to a large extent. Right from waking up my little one, bathing him, feeding him on weekends and evenings( when he was small). Well these are parenting roles and not household chores. These help a parent create a bond with the child. In addition to this he does help me with the grocery shopping, sorting, the laundry and dishes too, in case of absence of a help. He always lends a hand so the chores get done faster and we spend some more quality time together.

My son is just 4 years of age and he witnesses his father doing a lot in the house whenever he can. But that is not enough. Kids need to be trained and also explained that no work is big or small or even gender based. When household chores are done by both the parents, the child learns it to be a part of routine and takes stride in doing so. So the house is the best place to build the attitude of gender neutrality. We are starting small with our little one and hoping we are building the right base for him.
Few things which I am training him in the household arena are :
  • As he returns from school, putting his tiffin boxes in the sink, soiled clothes for wash in the laundry bag and not to be left on the floor.
  • Wet towel for drying after his shower before he leaves for school. - Isn't this a winner ;) ? 😍
  • Picking up the toys at the end of the playtime and keeping his room neat ( toughest of the lot but we are there somewhere! 😉
  • Teaching him to make his bed on the weekends - My LO is a bit young for the this but the training is on!
  • Setting the table for dinner with his dad. Clearing the table and cleaning and rinsing his plate.
  • We are slowly getting to his cupboard where he is learning to organize his clothes and keep it neat.
  • Gratitude to the person who has cooked his meals or cleant the house.

I have been criticized by close family members when they see pictures of my little one playing with a kitchen set or actually helping me in the kitchen. That has not affected me. We encourage our little one to pitch in various household chores like the following:
  • Organize and set vegetables and fruits
  • Helping in the laundry
  • To lend a hand in the kitchen whenever he can - beating eggs for breakfast or in baking . This is a regular activity and not seen as a chore. It's infact our fun space together to cook up some yummy dishes.

I had put a post few days back on #instagram on the similar lines and I always tell my family - am not only raising my son, am raising somebody's future partner, father, friend, colleague and hence important that I guide him for the various roles the future holds for him.Let's raise them right.

Think it's time we, mothers, of sons, take charge of raising a man who is independent in all aspects. #sonssharetheload