Monday, 31 December 2018

In 2018 I have learnt..

  • To be more independent - every person has the capability to manage a lot more than they can think.
    • It's do-able 
  • To wear a shield to other people's harsh words. Not take everyone's words emotionally, cause that can cause a lot of emotional and physical turmoil. People do say a lot of things when they are upset, let's not pore over each word.
    • It's not worth it. The relationship matters more
  • To not to wait for things to happen. You have to take the initial steps and continue the ride 
    • It's fun and rewarding
  • To invest in good quality time with your close ones - Offline. Be it your friends or family. Treat them with love and care. Express your feelings
    • Their presence is the biggest blessing
  • To take your passion seriously as if it were your bread and butter. You will be surprised how it can open more doors of abundance.
    • Make your dreams your reality
  • To take good care of yourself and pamper yourself. It's ok put yourself a little above others. Could be your daily walk, meditation, salon visit or your cup of coffee.
    • An empty cup pours nothing
  • To listen to your gut. Intuition always guides you right, we just need to be more open to listening and trusting the Universe
    • Make your instincts your superpower