Sunday, 21 October 2018

Vermicilli in Chinese Style

Vermicilli in Chinese style.


  • Roasted vermicilli and boiled 
  • Finely chopped vegetables of your choice
  • Carrots grated /Capsicum (any color) / Onion ( I avoid in summer months for tiffin) /Cabbage finely chopped  / Brocolli florets/ Peas
  • Blanched almonds/ Cashews
  • Ginger n garlic minced
  • Green chilly
  • Salt and Pepper

Boil vermicelli as we boil noodles , with a spoon of oil in the water. Remove
 just before done and run through the cold water and keep on a sieve. Let 
 the vermicelli dry completely.
Take some oil in a wok (kadai) , warm it. Add minced ginger garlic n green 
chilly. Cook for a minute.
Add onion slices, cook on high flame till translucent, add some salt as per
 onion quantity.
Then add carrots, capsicum, cook with little salt saute. Note its important 
to cook on high flame and add salt as much required in each step
Once done add the cooked vermicilli. Mix well , cover n let it cook for 3 to 
4 minutes and add blanched almonds for garnishing.
Serve with love.💜